BiotSavart 2.2
Magnetic field modelling program for Mac OS 7 and 8

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What is BiotSavart 2.2?

BiotSavart 2.2 runs under Mac OS 7 and 8. If you have Mac OS X you will want the Mac OS X version of BiotSavart.

BiotSavart calculates the magnetic field resulting from general 3-D configurations of current-carrying conductors. It has proven useful in the design of superconducting and copper coil systems in physics laboratories worldwide. With BiotSavart, you design the conductors while you view them on the screen.

Conductor types

  • loop (single loop or coaxial ensemble)
  • solenoid (thick or thin)
  • racetrack
  • cylindrical permanent magnet (revolved current sheet of polygonal cross section)
  • wire (any 3-D path composed of straight line segments, arcs, and helices)

Magnetic field calculation

  • Calculated along any path and graphed
  • Automatic update of field as you modify the conductors
  • Contour plot of field on specified plane surface
  • Calculated field can be written to a file for further processing

What you need for BiotSavart

  • PowerPC computer
  • Mac OS version 7, 8 (version 9 is not supported)
  • 1 MB of application memory

More BiotSavart information

To order

BiotSavart 2.2 (via download only) costs $135 (US).

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