Volumetric probe

The volumetric probe lets you specify a box-shaped region of space in which the magnetic field is calculated on a grid. Using the calculated field, you can create Level-set or Arrow plots.

Level-set plot


Volumetric probe (red) displaying a 3-d contour of |B|, together with a Planar probe (yellow) displaying contours in a radial slice.

A level set is a surface on which the chosen function has a specified value. Level set quantities include Ax, Ay, Az, A, Bx, By, Bz, B and f (the macro result). The Analog level adjustment slider lets you continuously adjust the level that is displayed.

File: level.biot

Arrow plots

The volumetric probe can also be used to make arrow plots of vector quantities. Available vector quantities are B and A.

Magnetic flux density B Magnetic vector potential A